Thursday, May 13, 2010


Dudley Is Going To Have To Get One Of These ...

Marx Reissue Service Stations. He can add this to his collection of Reissued Hot Wheels Classic Sets and 40th Anniversiary GI Joes. When Dudley was a little boy, he had a Marx Service Station and Car Wash that was really cool. Dudley played with that thing for years with his Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. Dudley's father spent several hours one Christmas eve putting it together. He probably invented a few new curse words in the process. It was worth the effort as it brought a lot of great childhood memories. Dudley remembers staying up into the early morning hours one Christmas putting together a Pow'r Wheels Jeep Jr. for Frank when he was around three years old. Dudley's dad was probably looking down laughing as he probably invented some curse words of his own. If Dudley ever was to have a grandson, it is a good bet that he is going to get some really cool stuff to play with as he grows up.

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