Thursday, May 6, 2010


Dudley is 51 Years Old Today , Hard To Believe ...

that much time has passed since that Wednesday afternoon Dudley was born in a hospital in Wichita Falls. When Dudley was born, the doctors did not give very good odds for survival having been born way early with a low birth weight for 1959. After a long stretch in an incubator, Dudley survived and thrived. It has been a wild ride with a lot of highs and lows. Dudley knows he is on the downhill side of life and is going to keep fighting for all he is worth. Now Dudley is going to get off this laptop and get on a more secure computer and buy himself a couple of Birthday Presents!

Happy Birthday! Buy yourself something good!
Happy Birthday, Dudley!
Thanks Terri, I bought some new Fishgillz sunglasses, 4 bottles of RC Cola and 4 Moonpies and 2 concert tickets to the United Tour 2010.

Thanks Joated!

Sorry, I'm a day late but hope you had a very Happy Birthday JDP. Man, you were born the year I graduated from high school...I remember the RC Cola's and Moonpies! You go Dudley! :)
Happy belated Birthday Dudley! 51! Wow!
(I think I remember being that age long long time ago.)
Thanks Marian!

Thanks Chevy Rose!

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