Thursday, April 1, 2010


It Got Up Into The Mid Eighties Yesterday ...

and Frank took advantage of the warm weather and went fishing when he got out of school. It was windy so he took his kayak to the river and paddled up to his favorite creek. He had a great day on the water catching six or seven Sunfish including the large Long Ear variety in the top photo. He caught one small bass in the middle photo and last but not least, he caught the five pound bass in the bottom photo. All of his fish yesterday were caught on his ultra light Mitchell Spinning Reel and his ultra light Berkley Cherry wood Spinning Rod and a Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow with a purple back. When he hooked the big bass, he said she took off across the creek pulling out drag. He kept a tight line on the fish and held his breath as she jumped out of the water two different times trying to throw the lure. He fought the big bass for several minutes finally wearing her down enough to pull her along side and grab her lower jaw and pull her into his kayak. Dudley is proud of Frank for catching such a big bass on ultra light tackle. It is not his biggest bass by any means but it is a special catch that he will no doubt remember as long as life lasts.

Man alive! I'm green with jealousy!

That ultra light tackle can be a blast to fish. Especially when you think you'll be catching something like the panfish in the first photo but the 5-pounder shows up!
I am jealous as well Joated, and proud of my son for landing such a big bass on ultra light tackle. That is easier said than done!

My mouth is still watering. Oh how I want fried bass!
Chevy Rose he released the Bass after taking a few photos. If we eat fish we usually eat catfish or if we are lucky enough crappie.

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