Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Frank Went Fishing This Afternoon To An Indoor Fishing Barge ...

went he got out of school. He got lucky and got a walk in his last class for the day and got an early start. He just sent me a text and said he had only been fishing about five minutes and he hooked a big slab crappie and got it up to the surface. He did not have a net and as he reached to try and grab the fish, it managed to pull off. He said he had only been fishing for five minutes when he hooked the fish. He will be motivated to fish now for a while. He took his little headset radio so he can fish and listen to the Ranger game tonight and later the Mavericks game if he stays that long. Dudley hopes he will bring back a stringer of crappie. Sure would be great as Dudley can not remember the last time he ate some fried crappie. Dudley can almost taste them now.

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