Monday, April 5, 2010


Frank Is Skipping His College Classes Today ...

to go to the Texas Rangers Home Opener. He and a bunch of his buddies went out to the ball park this morning. They are going to have a tailgate party and cook hamburgers on the grill and then go enjoy the baseball game. They bought their tickets months ago which is a good thing because the game is sold out. They were selling some standing room only tickets last Dudley heard. Dudley will watch the game on t.v. Frank stayed up last night working on his math homework. Dudley was no help as Frank completed his quadratic equations. Dudley did help Frank scan the four pages of homework and emailed the attached files to Franks laptop computer so he could forward to his math teacher via email. Frank said he let all of his teachers know he would not be in class today and made arrangements to get all of his work done. Maybe this will be the year the Rangers put it all together and go to the World Series. Then again Dudley may stand a better chance of figuring out a bunch of Quadratic Equations, Go Rangers!

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