Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Dudley's Sister Has Had An Exciting Twenty Four Hours ...

She was at work yesterday morning slaving away at her computer when she noticed one of her eyes suddenly started acting funny. She was seeing all kinds of floaters which became flashes of light and then darkness in one eye. Needless to say she became a little concerned. She called an opthamologist that she knew, who is on her insurance. She went over her symptoms and was told it sounds like you have a detached retina and she was told to contact a retina specialist immediately. They referred her to one and she made an appointment for yesterday afternoon. She went to the doctor and he examined her and said she had a torn retina and she was scheduled for surgery a little after seven this morning. The surgery went well and she is at home resting now. Dudley's daughter went over to stay with her for a few days as she has to take it pretty easy for a while. Lizzie will have a great time, she can play on the computer, watch the big screen t.v. and play with Aunt Lo's dog. She can also drive Aunt Lo's Equinox all over town running errands for her and her Grandmother. Big Sis I know you could use a nice vacation from work but isn't ripping your eyeball out a little extreme?

Thanks Bubba...sometimes you do what you got to do to get some time off work!
here's hoping everythign is better--and clearer--soon.
Big Sis, don't worry if you go blind I have a tin cup you can borrow.

Joated she should be able to see just fine when they take the pirate patch off of her eye.

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