Saturday, April 17, 2010


Dudley Woke Up This Morning To The Sound Of Rain ...

falling outside and inside. The leak inside the house is getting worse. Dudley has a bucket under the leak to catch the water but now the water is coming in above the window and is getting on Dudley's television and wood floor. Dudley has had three different roofers out to try to find and repair the leak with no luck. I am beginning to have a very low opinion of roofers. They take your money to fix a leak and when you call them to tell them the roof is still leaking they tell you they will be back out to take a look at it and they never show up and avoid your calls. Dudley called and has a fourth roofer coming out to take a look at the roof. Dudley is starting to get a little exasperated. What can you do?

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