Friday, April 2, 2010


Dudley Is Staying Home Today Watching The ...

Barrett Jackson Classic Car Auction. After that he is going to watch the Texas Rangers preseason baseball game. Tomorrow morning early, Dudley's wife and kids are going to go to East Texas to visit with the in laws for Easter. Dudley is going to stay home and hold down the fort and take care of Foxy and White Kitty. Dudley is looking forward to a little peace and quiet for a couple of days. There should be plenty to watch on t.v. between the auction and the Rangers and Mavericks ball games. If Dudley could only win the Lottery, then he could buy the classic car or truck of his dreams.

Enjoy your peace and quiet--if the critters will let you. And remind the wife and kids to bring home some of that Easter dinner!
Thanks Joated and I am hoping they bring home some BBQ briscuit!

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