Friday, April 9, 2010


Dudley Had A Great Time This Afternoon ...

going to see the restored Union Pacific Steam Locomotive #844 as it rolled into Fort Worth. Dudley signed up to get live Tweet updates from the train so Dudley could keep track of it's progress as it steamed towards Fort Worth. Dudley's daughter got a kick out of my tweeting and I just told her Dad was a High Tech Red Neck! The five photos above are some of the best one's Dudley managed to take from the cab of his truck. Dudley really got a kick out of the photo of the engineer of the Kiddie train standing on his tip toes straining to get the first glimpse of Ol 844 as she came down the tracks. Dudley used to ride that kiddie train down in Forest Park with his grandfather when he was a small child. Dudley's kids have ridden the kiddie train with their grandparents as well. A lot of great memories. Dudley loves trains, always has and always will.

That's a nice bridge shot, but I really like the one of the kid and the kiddie train. I hope you catch 844 on it's way back.
Thanks Ace!

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