Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dudley Got His New Manual Wheelchair Yesterday ...

and Frank put it together last night. All he had to do was put the footrests on and the dust caps on the front wheels. Just took him a minute and did not require any tools. Dudley is going to use this wheelchair to go places that require a lot of walking which Dudley is not able to do any more. Dudley will have to get Frank to push him as Dudley's arms are too weak to provide the power to roll the thing. Dudley told Frank not to worry, it is just like pushing a lawn mower. Frank responded that the lawn mowers at work are self propelled. Dudley told him it would be good exercises for reeling in all of the big fish we are going to catch down in Matagorda. Dudley is still trying to save up the money to buy a lift for his pick up so he can transport his power wheel chair. One of these days Dudley will have enough money saved up. Dudley got a good deal on the Invacare wheelchair from Amazon. Total cost was one hundred and fifty eight dollars with free two day shipping via FEDEX.

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