Monday, April 26, 2010


Dudley Called This Morning And Got Signed Up ...

for the fishing trip down at the coast. It sounds like it is going to be a lot of fun. They are going to have a fish fry Friday night and Dudley and Frank will get to hang out with the other disabled fishermen and meet the fishing guide that will take us out fishing on Saturday. They are going to have fried catfish at the dinner which is one of Dudley's favorite things to eat since Dudley developed an allergy to shrimp. Dudley has made reservations for three nights in a new motel right in town close to everything. Frank is going to take his kayak down and do some kayak fishing while we are down at the coast. I think we are going to take Frank's truck since it has 4wd as you can drive for miles on the beach on the peninsula of land that runs from the Colorado River to the east on the south side of East Matagorda Bay. We should make some new friends and have a great time fishing and hopefully bring home some fish fillets.

Great for you!
Now, I suppose, you'll be spending all week 1) counting the seconds 2) checking your gear 3) restlessly waiting for the clock to move 4) checking your gear again!

Just Do. Not. Forget. Your. Camera!!!

Allergic to shrimp?!? You poor soul!
Thanks Joated, you know I am anxious to go fishing again. And you are right, not being able to eat shrimp any longer is tough!

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