Friday, March 26, 2010


Dudley Bought Frank A Couple Of Lures Online ...

last week and they came the other day. They are the biggest lures I have ever bought without a doubt. They are seven inches long and weigh two and one half ounces. They normally cost close to twenty bucks a piece but Dudley got them for less than five bucks each. Frank can use these when he goes kayaking below the dam on Possum Kingdom Reservoir on the Brazos River to try to catch a big Striper. The Stripers like to feed on the Rainbow Trout the State puts in the river every winter for the displaced Yankees to catch. Frank can also use these when he goes down to the Texas Coast to the Land Cut to try and catch a Bull Redfish or a trophy Speckled Trout. Last year he was fishing with a fly rod under the lights at night and was reeling in a lady fish about the size of this lure and he watched a twenty or thirty pound Redfish come out of no where and engulf his catch and take off for the depths. Frank said the drag on the fly reel started singing and line was flying through the line guides. Frank fought the giant Redfish for a short time until his leader snapped. He said it was fun while it lasted!

Five bucks instead of $20? You got yourself one sweet deal! I hope Frank's got the rest of the gear needed to land those stripers and redfish.

Tight lines, Frank!
Thanks Joated!

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