Thursday, March 4, 2010


Frank Turned 21 Last Week And Got Some Money ...

for his birthday. Frank has been trying for a while now to get his buddy Jeff to break down and buy a kayak so he can go fishing with Frank on his kayak adventures. Jeff did not want to spring for a new kayak so Frank sold him his Malibu Mini X kayak for a good price and used his birthday money to buy himself a new kayak. He bought a brick red Native Manta Ray 11 pictured above. It is a really nice ride and Frank got one heck of a good deal on it. He bought it from H.O.T. Kayaks in Grapevine, TX. He lucked into a closeout on a brand new 2009 model which he was able to purchase for $535.00. The 2010 model of this kayak costs $829.00. He got one heck of a deal and got them to install two recessed fishing rod holders and an anchor trolley for very little cost. Frank took it out for the first time after school yesterday. He went to his secret spot on a local river and paddled up his favorite creek. He did not catch any fish but said he saw several Largemouth Bass in the creek. The spawn is just around the corner. Jeff needs to hurry up and get himself a paddle so he can get out there as the fishing is going to pick up very soon. This summer when Frank and Jeff get word from the taxidermist that their European mounts of their whitetail bucks are ready, they are going to drive down to the Texas Hill Country to pick them up. They are going to camp out and fish out of their kayaks. Dudley sent the man that owns the ranch we hunted on last December an email the other day letting him know how good the exotic venison has been from the hunt and I told him about Frank and Jeff coming down this summer to pick up their mounts. He wrote me back and invited them to come out to his home and is going to let them spend a day fishing in a private fishing hole on the Guadalupe River that has no public access! They should have a great time catching Guadalupe Bass, Smallmouth Bass and maybe a Rio Grande Cichlid if they are lucky. The river also has Sandbass, and Catfish and Largemouth Bass. Dudley wishes he could go but it is not meant to be. Frank better take lots of pictures so Dudley will not miss out completely. Dudley is going to get Frank some crayfish pattern flies to take so he can try to catch some fish on his flyrod. Should be an epic fishing adventure in one of the most beautiful areas of the great State of Texas.

Nice Kayak! I want one! Been a canoe person all my life but Kayaks look cool. Cept, they don't seem too good at carrying cargo. Anyway, this new one looks great.
Thanks Scout. Frank has a Grumman G17 canoe that he is going to sell. A kayak is much more easy to transport in the bed of a pickup.

Nice choice! I have the Manta Ray 12 which I have used in the rivers, lakes and saltwater bays. It's like fishing out of a comfortable lawn chair! Congrats to Frank!
Frank likes it and has had it out on an area lake, river and creek. He is looking forward to taking it to the saltwater when he can.

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