Sunday, March 7, 2010


Frank Got A New Tent For His Birthday ...

it's a Coleman 7' x 9' Sundome model. Dudley always wanted a dome tent but never did get one. Dudley remembers well the last time he went tent camping. It was late summer probably in August. Frank was small probably around five or six years old. We lived in Tyler, TX and there was a beautiful State Park north of town. Dudley and his buddies used to go camping there when he was in High School. It is a beautiful park with mature pine trees surrounding a beautiful spring fed lake. Dudley and Frank had a great time watching a Texas Ranger Baseball game in the tent that night drinking Dr. Peppers and eating snacks. Dudley had won a small black and white portable t.v. through his job and it was a lot of fun watching the baseball game stretched out on top of our sleeping bags. It was hot, I remember that. By then Dudley's health was starting to go south and with work and having to change careers and move, it seemed Dudley never had the energy or time to go camping after that. Hopefully Frank will be able to go on some camping/fishing trips to the Sabine River, Brazos River and Guadalupe River in the next few years. Life will be getting a lot more complicated after that and it may not be so easy to drop everything and go camping.

I've camped out on the beach many a time in a small Coleman like that. Great little tents!
I think the tent will be great but I think Frank needs to get some heavy duty tent stakes to improve on those supplied with the tent.

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