Thursday, March 18, 2010


Frank Caught His First Fish In 2010 ...

yesterday, a nice two and one half pound Largemouth Bass. He and his buddy Jeff took their kayaks down to a local river and paddled up to a creek and started fishing. Frank caught a smaller bass that got off at the boat but Jeff said that one did not count. On the very next cast he caught the two and one half pounder. Yesterday was the first time for Jeff to take out his new kayak and Frank said he is going to have to learn how to paddle and control the kayak and fish at the same time. I am sure he will be catching fish in no time. They had a great time and are going to leave tomorrow morning for an overnight kayak/fishing/camping trip on the Brazos River. Hopefully Frank will take a bunch of photos for Dudley to post on the blog. Dudley got his packet from the State of Texas yesterday for his CHL. Dudley called today and signed up for a class to renew his CHL-Concealed Handgun License. He also scheduled an appointment to go have his fingerprints done digitally. Dudley is trying to avoid having to go back and have the ink fingerprints redone like he did last time when the Texas Department Of Public Safety rejected the first set of prints that were done in the class. Dudley is not looking forward to sitting in class for five hours but it is a small price to pay to be able to carry a concealed weapon when one chooses to do so.

I had my prints scanned digitally for my CHL and it was great. No ink to clean off and when the print wasn't just right, they just scanned it again. You'll like it.
You are right fly fisher, the digital finger prints are the way to go.

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