Sunday, March 28, 2010


Frank And Jeff Went Fishing Again Yesterday Afternoon ...

down at the river/creek. It was really windy yesterday but they paddled up the creek and got a little protection from the high wind. Frank had a good day catching two bass with the biggest pushing four pounds. He caught that one on a Texas Rigged Plastic Lizard. He caught the smaller bass on a small Yozuri Pins Minnow on his ultra light spinning rod and reel. He had noticed a bunch of small minnows in the back of the creek so he threw out the small top water minnow lure and caught the bass on his very first cast. Jeff got skunked but he is still learning how to paddle and fish from his new kayak. I am sure he will be catching fish in no time. Dudley noticed the temperature is going to be getting up into the eighties in a few days. The fishing should only get better as the water temperature rises. Frank went to the Sporting Goods store the other day and bought a plastic coated six pound dumbbell and an anchor rope. He used this yesterday for the first time to anchor his kayak to keep the winds from blowing him out of position. He said it worked great and should help him to catch more fish. Both of the bass he caught yesterday were CPR'd. Caught, Photographed and Released to spawn and insure the good fishing will continue in the future.

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Try again (note to self: check spelling BEFORE hitting post!)

Nice bass.

80 degrees? It just started snowing again here. Won't amount to much (I hope) but still....

Dumbells, eh? I never thought of that when I was canoeing. I used the old concrete-in-a-can with an embedded eyebolt and nut and washer. Even if the coffee can eventually rusted out, I still had a block of concrete. I could (and did) make different sizes using one and three pound coffee cans.

Also used a five gallon bucket with a three-four inch hole cut out of the bottom as a sea anchor so I could use the wind as a trolling motor. (This big old boy had a few yards of sail built into his body.) The sea anchor at least kept me lined up with out having to resort to the paddle to make corrections in course all the time.
I have used the old concrete in a can anchor before, they work just as good and don't cost as much. The five gallon bucket will slow down your drift or you can tie a rope to a chain and drag that behind your boat.

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