Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Dudley Took These Photos Yesterday Evening ...

at a local river. Frank had gone fishing in his new kayak for a couple of hours yesterday after work. The weather was so nice yesterday evening, Dudley went out for a drive and met him at the river when he got through fishing. He had a good outing but did not catch any fish. The water is still too cold and the water is murky from all the recent rains. In another two weeks the fishing should really take off. Dudley went to his pulmonologist today and had a PFT done. That stand for Pulmonary Function Test. Dudley's lungs are a little weaker than one year ago which is not surprising. I don't know if it is the doctors or the Feds are screwing with Health Care before the bill is passed but the doctor made me pay an $81.00 Co Pay today out of pocket. In the past eight years or so I have never had to pay a Co Pay at any of my doctors and I have noticed this year they all have their hand out wanting money up front despite the fact I have two forms of insurance. I suspect the doctors are just trying to make all they can before the Feds take over and screw them out of a good portion of their income. It is getting to where Dudley can not afford to go to the doctor. Maybe that is the idea. If the Federal Government takes over Health Care, you can bet the quality of care will decrease as will the availability. It appears that the rationing of Health Care has already begun.

I continue to contact my "representatives" in congress to try and get this health care debacle defeated. Unfortunately we here in Nebraska are burdened with Ben Nelson. God help us all.
If the Feds take over our Health
Care "God Help Us All" indeed.

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