Monday, March 22, 2010


Dudley Saw This Ad On Ebay The Other Day ...

from 1953. It was an ad for Johnson Seahorse Outboards that ran in Saturday Evening Post. The lithograph depicts a scene on a lake up north with a busy dock and boaters and fisherman with their Johnson Seahorse Outboards. Those were the good old days when a fisherman could go to any lake or river and find a wooden boat to rent for a small amount of money. The fisherman then took his outboard out of the trunk of his car with a fuel tank and carried it down the water and put it on the rented boat and enjoyed a day of fishing. If you enlarge the middle photo you can see the prices for an outboard motor. Hard to believe the price then compared to the cost now. If you want to go out and buy a fully rigged bass boat and motor and trailer today you better be prepared to spend around fifty grand if you want to run with the big boys. On a lot of the lakes these days, if you go out in a small Jon boat with a small outboard, you risk getting run over by a bass boat being pushed along at 70 plus mph by a 300 horsepower outboard. Dudley misses the good old days .

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