Saturday, March 13, 2010


Dudley Got A YUM 41 Piece Crawbug Kit ...

yesterday via UPS. Dudley bought this online from Lurenet and the whole package only cost about ten bucks. It was a great deal if you ask Dudley. Frank and Jeff can use these this summer when they go fishing down in the Texas Hill Country out of their kayaks. They are going to fish the Guadalupe and Medina Rivers and possibly the Llano River as well. The photo above is of the Texas State Fish, and is a Guadalupe Bass. It is a distinct species found only in Central Texas. It is a beautiful fish with distinctive markings. They can be caught in and around moving water. Hopefully Frank and Jeff will be able to catch one on their trip. They also may be able to catch their first Smallmouth Bass on the trip. Dudley has caught Smallmouth Bass before up in Northeastern Oklahoma on the Illinois River. Dudley got Frank and Jeff an invite to fish a stretch of the Guadalupe River that is closed to public access. Hopefully they will catch some fish. Spring break is fast approaching and Frank and Jeff are going to go on an overnight Kayaking trip on the Brazos River. Maybe Frank will take some photos so I can post them on Dudleys Diary.

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