Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dudley Got Online Today And Started The Process ...

to renew his CHL Concealed Handgun License. Dudley paid $70.00 online to the State of Texas. They are going to send Dudley a renewal packet. When received, Dudley will go to the local shooting range and pay an additional $85.00 for the renewal class. The class includes a refresher of the Texas gun laws pertaining to the CHL and any changes to the gun laws since Dudley got his license four years ago. After the class you shoot around 50 rounds out of your handgun at a target. I think you have to take a written test also. Dudley called and made sure the range can accommodate a disabled shooter. For safety sake Dudley needs to shoot from a sitting position. Dudley can still stand for short periods of time but is unsteady on his feet and does not want to risk a fall at a crowded gun range. Going through the class is not something that Dudley is looking forward to but it is a small price to pay for the ability to be able to carry a concealed handgun when one chooses to do so. Dudley is 6'2" and weighs around 250 pounds and at least gives the appearance of a man that is able to defend himself. Looks can be deceiving, the truth is Dudley would not be able to put up much of a fight. Dudley feels much safer when carrying a concealed handgun. With all of the crime in the world these days, Dudley does not know why anyone would choose to be at the mercy of the criminal element. But a lot of people do, they are a lot more trusting than Dudley.

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