Friday, March 19, 2010


As Dudley's Great Aunt Used To Say ...

I hope the Fool Killer is not out. Frank and Jeff went fishing today in their kayaks on the Brazos River. They have been fishing all day having a wonderful time. It was windy but the high temperature got up well into the seventies today on the river. They are going to fish tonight by camp fire and lantern light camped out on a sandbar in Franks new dome tent. Problem is a strong Canadian cold front is going to hit about midnight bringing thunderstorms, high winds and much colder temperatures. Dudley tried to talk him into coming on in tonight but the male testosterone is running at a high level and he is determined to tough it out and paddle back up river to his truck some time tomorrow. It is going to be cold in the mid to lower forties and he may be paddling against a strong head wind gusting up to 40 mph! Like my great Aunt Sister used to say, hope the fool killer is not out.

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