Sunday, February 14, 2010


It Has Been Tough Around The Dudley Domicile ...

since Thursday night went the power went out. Dudley spent a long night trying to sleep without his breathing machine and oxygen concentrator. He would sleep for a while and then wake up gasping for air with his heart racing. It was that way all night long. Dudley called and reported the outage and reminded them that I was a critical care customer. There were over 200,000 people without power due to the snow storm. Friday evening Dudley went and checked into a motel and got Frank to carry his stuff up to the room. The power company got the power back on Saturday afternoon but after about an hour it went back off. Finally late Saturday night it came back on for good. It took several hours to warm the house back up from a low of 51 degrees Saturday morning. Dudley stayed in the motel Saturday night as he had paid for a second night and came back home around noon on Sunday. The photos above are from Thursday before the power went out. Lizzie and Foxy had fun walking in the snow and building a snowman and Frank enjoyed cooking hamburgers out on the grill. Dudley' great aunt "sister" would have said she hoped the "fool killer" was not out. The record snowfall was quite enjoyable until the power went out. It wasn't quite so much fun after that.

You need to get yourself a small 1000W generator for just such emergencies.

Good to hear you made it through, however.
Ya I need one but as cold as the house got I had to go somewhere where there was heat. When you have muscular dystrophy, it is hard to stay warm even when the house is at 72 degrees.

Dudley, you did the right thing bailing to a hotel. We had a storm come through here once, and we were without power for 8 days. It was summer and humid as hell. I stayed out at the house but I put my wife and kids in the Holiday Inn in the town. Sorry your power crapped out, that's bad with your situation and all.
Hermit when I was younger I could take just about anything. But as I get older and my disease progresses, it is harder to cope with such discomforts. I had no choice really, don't think I could have made it another night without my breathing machines.

We didn't lose power but I have had 2 heart attacks and 2 heart surgeries, and I had to get out and clear the drive and sidewalks..

I got it done too.. And lived to tell the tale...

Hope you're feeling better man, I am getting over *My BIG Snow Adventure* as we speak...
Don't overdo it Fred, two heart attacks is enough. My snow shoveling days have been over for a long while now.

It's all gone now, what I didn't get, God did...
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