Thursday, February 11, 2010


Dudley Woke Up At Four AM This Morning ...

to go take a leak and was surprised to see Al Gore paid the Dudley domicile a visit last night and brought some of his Globull Warming. This is the second decent snow we have had this winter. Most winters we don't get any significant snow here in the DFW area. Dudley stayed up late last night transferring all of the photos, videos and calendar dates from his old phone to his new phone that got here late yesterday afternoon. Dudley transferred everything via Blue tooth and it worked like a charm though it was labor/time consuming. Dudley was able to transfer his favorite ring tone to the new phone, it is a sound file from an old Three Stooges short with all three Stooges, Larry, Moe and Curly saying Hello, Hello, Hello in unison. The new phone does everything the old phone did but there are some slight differences in the way the new phone is set up. Will take some getting used to but Dudley has already made and received phone calls and text messages and used the camera so I think the phone will work out OK. If it breaks before the two year contract runs out, Dudley will file a claim for a replacement on his phone insurance. Dudley is snowed in for a while. If Dudley needs anything, he can send his kids out into the blizzard to get it for him. Dudley is going to stay inside and try to stay warm. Global Warming my ASS!

I got simular photos from my BIL's place over near Kaufman Now they're expecting rain, tomorrow icy streets.
Al Gore should return the million bucks and prise to Nobel.
We are in for it today in the Smoky Mountains as well. The weird thing is, the weather geeks say it will snow harder in the South of the state, down around Macon. That simply never happens. They will be croaking down there, I don't think they have even seen snow in over ten years.
Had 11 inches of GloBull warming here in Rowlett Friday AM...
Thanks for the comments, the snow was nice until the powere went out for two days. Things are getting back to normal finally here at the Dudley domicile.

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