Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dudley Saw This Photo On The Texas Hunting Forum ...

the other day. It was taken by a duck hunter during a recent hunt. It reminded Dudley of the countless hours he has spent in his life, hunting and fishing in God's great outdoors. We spend most of our lives inside four walls, at least the majority of us do. Nearly all of Dudley's time is spent inside these days. Dudley misses all of the times he spent in a boat out on a lake fishing and just enjoying the solitude and the scenery. Also missed are the many hours he used to spend every deer season silently waiting in a deer stand or perched up on the side of a tree waiting, listening and watching for a deer to make an appearance. Dudley remembers seeing geese fly overhead and listening to their calls. He remembers sitting on the edge of a cut over corn field one morning when a flock of ten thousand red wing black birds landed just yards away in front of Dudley's wide eyes. They fed momentarily and then just as suddenly as they had dropped out of the sky they took off with a mighty roar with the sun glistening off of dark black wings with the brightest red and yellow colors you could imagine filling the sky. The photo above shows one of those sights that every outdoors man or woman sees every once in a great while. While fleeting, Dudley remembers seeing sights of spectacular beauty that were awe inspiring. In Dudley's eyes such beauty could only be created by the hand of God.

Well, Dudley, I'm not very religious but I sure do agree that's a beautiful picture.
Hermit, I am not all that "religious" but I do believe in God.

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