Monday, February 15, 2010


Dudley Has An Adjuster Coming Out Tomorrow ...

to inspect his roof. We had some hail last summer and since then have noticed a few leaks in the interior of the house. More and more homes in the area have been getting their insurance companies to inspect for damage and have been getting new roofs. Dudley has a roofer that has looked at the roof and thinks there is enough damage to warrant replacement. Will know more tomorrow afternoon. Dudley worked for fifteen years in the Insurance Claims business and am so glad to be out of that rat race. Dudley handled mostly severe bodily injury/fatality claims for the majority of the fifteen years he spent in the claims business. Dudley knows just enough about the property claims field to be dangerous and to make an adjuster's life miserable if they wrongly deny his claim.

Sounds like you're at least going to get some entertainment value out of this poor adjusters visit! Have fun.
Your right Joated, it should be an interesting visit. Maybe everything will go smoothly but don't bet on it!

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