Monday, February 1, 2010


Dudley Checked A Bunch Of Old Lottery Tickets ...

today and did not win Diddly Squat. That is the bad news, the good news is I can now start buying some more tickets. Dudley likes buying the tickets and dreaming about what he would do if he won but checking the tickets is not nearly as much fun. Dudley will buy tickets for a while and then not buy any more till he gets around to checking all of the old tickets he has in his wallet. Texas is now a part of the Powerball Lottery so Dudley is going to start buying a Powerball ticket and will buy either a Lottery or Mega Millions ticket whichever has the biggest jackpot. Dudley knows the odds are astronomically stacked against winning a big jackpot but Dudley views the few bucks he spends a week as entertainment expense. It is a dreary day today here at the Dudley domicile, cloudy and cold. It is supposed to rain some more on Wednesday or Thursday. Tax time is fast approaching, Dudley called his accountant today and made an appointment to get his tax return completed. Dudley used to be able to do his own tax return but it is too complicated now for Dudley to attempt to do it on his own.

Who knows, maybe you will hit it big. On the other hand, I just read about a guy who won the lottery in Florida, disappeared, and they found him buried in his back yard.
Ya I saw a news story on the Florida winner. I am a lot smarter than that guy Hermit. He was looking for trouble and he found it.

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