Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dudley Bought Some Whitetail Deer Antlers ...

the other day. They are recent shed antlers that came off of the WRS Ranch down in the Texas Hill Country where Dudley and Frank and Jeff went hunting last December. Dudley is going to let Frank make himself a pair of rattling antlers with these. Dudley has an old set of antlers he used for many years he got back in the mid 80's. They were given to him by an old man who was a caretaker on a big ranch in Navarro County. The ranch was one of the first ranches in the state that was high fenced. It was owned by a family with a lot of old oil money. The caretaker took Dudley on a tour of the ranch and through the massive hunting and fishing lodge on the property. Dudley was impressed with the many game mounts from all over the world and the photos on the walls of past adventures. Many of the photos looked like they were decades old. Dudley was there on business but really enjoyed talking to the old man about the deer on the property. Dudley still has those old rattling antlers but they are dried out and don't sound as good as a fresh set. Dudley never did kill a buck he had rattled up but did rattle up quite a few including a couple of mature bucks he would have liked to have shot. Problem was he was hunting on a ranch and only had permission to take spikes and does so Dudley just had to watch the big bucks. It was exciting and Dudley is glad to have had the experience. Maybe Frank will get lucky someday and do something Dudley never did. Rattle up a buck and shoot it, man that would be a thrill!

Sounds like something out of "1 Million B.C."
I've never tried rattling. Here in the northeast it's not done too often. Perhaps because the population density of big bucks is much lower.

Might have to give it a try though after seeing on a game cam some of the deer I've missed during the NY northern zone season in the Adirondacks. I know I'll be toting my grunt call into the woods with me next year.
I have never seen 1 Million B.C. but I will take your word for it Hermit.

Joated rattling usually only will work during a small time frame. Grunting works well also and can work any time to bring in a deer.

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