Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today Is A Big Day Here At The Dudley Domicile ...


Lizzie is going to get her braces off today! She has been wearing them for several years and will no doubt be glad to see them go. Dudley's little girl is beautiful inside and out. Not much else going on today. Dudley is busy watching the Barrett Jackson Auction every day this week. Dudley needs to win the Lottery so he can buy a few of the great vehicles he has been seeing. Dudley would like to have a restored late 40's or early 50's Chevy step side pick up and there are so many late 60's and early 70's Muscle Cars to choose from. Dudley favors the Chevy Camaros, Corvettes, and Chevelles and perhaps throw in a Chevy Nomad. Then there are the MoPars, the Challengers, Cuda's and Roadrunners. Maybe one or two GTOs as well. Damn Dudley is dreaming now, might as well go take a nap.

Congrats on Lizzie getting her braces off...I had 3 girls in braces...also, you might as well dream on Dudley...that nap will be good for you! :)
Ya Marian I am dreaming but I am going to wake up every now and then and go buy some more Lottery tickets.

Now you'll have to post a new picture of Lizzie on the sidebar. Just give a warning so we can don our sunglasses for that radiant smile she'll be sporting. :-)
If I can get her to sit still long enough for a new photo, I will try to get one Joated.

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