Thursday, January 28, 2010


There Were A Couple Of Tornados In East Texas ...

last week. The photos are of a house that was pretty well destroyed about six miles west of where Dudley's in laws live. The man and his wife that own the house are related to one of Dudley's wife's college roommates. She said they were home when the tornado hit and they suffered lacerations and contusions but no broken bones and they escaped without any serious injury. From the looks of what is left of the house they were lucky. Dudley has a healthy respect for tornadoes but has always been fascinated with them.

I hate the damn things. We live at the end of Tornado Alley. A few years back, on an Easter Sunday, one came through and knocked the hell out of several counties up here. Really trashed them.
Tornados are scary things for sure.

Dudley..I was right in the middle of a tornado,once, in Alabama.

I didn't know it, but it was about five minutes behind me, where I was headed up the highway.

It tore up absolutely everything around me, except for the moblie home where I went to visit. The only thing that even touched it, was one single leaf of a limb, touching the window.

The limb was still attached to the giant oak tree that had been uprooted, falling parallel with the trailer, and on that same limb was a bird's nest with the bird still in it.

All around was total chaos...a bathtub from an adjoing home in the back yard, and the strangest thing was looking at an empty oil can driven right into the trunk of a pine tree.

What was I doing during all of the havoc going on?

Praying, of course! :)
Jan it sounds like your prayers were answered!

You know it, Dudley!

Btw..that should have been *adjacent* home. :)
Jan I have never been quite that close to a tornado. My son was driving his truck and a tornado skipped overhead and he watched it come down a few hundred yards away and saw it snap some power poles.

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