Saturday, January 23, 2010


Saw This Yesterday On The Barrett Jackson Auto Auction ...

from Scottsdale Arizona. It was a 1952 Ford with a matching Kom Pak Sportsman trailer. It is pretty cool. The roof of the trailer is a 12 foot metal boat which can be removed and put back in place by one man. I think it had some kind of a roller system to aid with getting the boat on and off the trailer. Carry one of the outboard motors of the era and you would be ready to go do some fishing. Pretty Cool!

That sure does look pretty sweet!
I would rather have a matching 1952Chevy Suburban to pull the trailer with but the Ford would do if push came to shove.

Must have been top of the line in it's day. Today I'd like something more rugged and off road capable, even if it didn't look as good.
It is hard to go wrong with a 4wd Jeep Hermit.

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