Thursday, January 14, 2010


The Maytag Repairman Came Out Today ...

and replaced the timer and water valve in the washer and it is now running better than new. That is the good news, the bad news is I had him look at the dryer and asked him to lubricate the bearings as they were squeaking again. I have had the bearings greased in the past and figured they just needed some more. He opened the dryer up and said the bearings are completely shot and need to be replaced along with the shaft. Again he is going to have to order the parts and come out next week and install them. The bill that was going to be around $225.00 is going to be a lot more. He did say we are better off repairing the ten plus year old Maytag washer and dryer we have. He said they were built half way decent. He said the units they are selling now are not worth a damn. He said they generally crater after about three years. I guess the Maytag Corporation like everything else in this country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

No wonder I haven't seen those commercials about the lonely Maytag repairman lately. He's out on the road fixin' the darn things!
Given the quality of the Newer Maytag machines, he may not get any time off.

It could be the repairman wants the work rather than encouraging you to buy new machines.

Also, have you ever considered buying used appliances on Craig's List?

There are some great deals on there and installing washers and dryers is not rocket science. I bet your son could handle it.
Peter the repairman wants to stay in business and the manufactures, and the parts suppliers and repairmen always are busy. I got the washer and dryer both repaired for around $275.00. I think the repair was the right call, hopefully we will get another ten plus years out of the machines.

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