Wednesday, January 13, 2010


The Maytag Repairman Came Out Today ...

and allowed we needed a new timer and water control valve to fix our washer. He did not have the parts on hand so he said he would locate the parts and call me and let me know how much the repairs would cost. I just heard from him and he said the cost to repair will be around $225.00. I told him to go ahead and get the parts and he said he would do so and would come back out tomorrow and fix the washer. This is going to make a big dent in the monthly budget so Dudley better go break into the piggy bank and see if he can scrape up enough money to make it to the end of the month. Something is always breaking or in need of repair around the Dudley domicile. It never ends.

Nope. It never ends. There's always something that will break and need repair and it will always be just a little more than you budgeted for...that is, IF you have a fix-and-repair entry in your budget. Few of us do.
Oh, and we had ta similar problem with ours last year. (Water wouldn't drain from the tank when the wash/rinse cycle ended.) Turned out to be a clogged filter...which the manual didn't even locate for you to clean! With the three cats shedding the way they do, we have to clean the filter every six months or so. Still had to replace the pump as it got burned out trying to suck the water through the matted fur that looked like felt.
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