Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year From Dudleys Diary ...

and Charlie Brown and the gang. Dudley grew up with Charlie Brown and had a male Beagle for a pet growing up named Snoopy if you can imagine that. Snoopy was a great dog and helped Dudley make it through many of the trials and tribulations of growing up. Growing up was especially tough on a kid like myself with an undiagnosed Neuro Muscular Disease. I was uncoordinated as a kid and was not very good at athletic endeavors. If I ran more than a few steps I was out of breath. I could sympathize with poor Charlie Brown and felt a lot of his pain growing up. Dudley had a little better luck competing at school work than on the playground but had to really work at it. Dudley's sister was a lot smarter and things seemed to come a lot easier for her. Dudley persevered and did the best he could in spite of his limitations. Dudley is not sure what the new year will bring but he is sure of one thing like Charlie Brown, Dudley is going to keep trying.

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