Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Dudley Needs To Get This Guy To Come Out Of Retirement ...

because our old Maytag washer is on the blink. Why does it always seem like something is breaking or in need of repair around the Dudley domicile? Guess that is just the way it is. Dudley started calling the appliance repairman he normally calls last week and found out this morning he is in the hospital with pneumonia. I hope he makes a complete recovery and gets to feeling better soon but Dudley can not wait any longer. The natives are getting restless not being able to wash their clothes and one trip to the Laundromat must have been enough. Dudley called his mother and got the name and number for her repairman and Dudley gave him a call and he is going to come out tomorrow. The old washer is not wanting to drain the water and enter into the spin cycle for some reason. Hopefully the repair will not break the bank. Will know more tomorrow.

Life is one big shit sandwich, and every day, you have to take a bite...
You have got that right Hermit.

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