Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Dudley Is Not Feeling Well Today ...

and thinks he may be coming down with a head cold. Not much going on today but did receive two big boxes full of frozen deer meat from the processor. Waiting on Frank to get home from work so he can clean out the freezer in the garage and put the meat in there. It is going to get so cold the next few days Frank is not going to be working. He is leaving tomorrow afternoon with a friend to go out to Palo Pinto County west of Fort Worth. His friends father owns a ranch out there and they are going to go duck hunting. Frank never has been duck hunting so it should be a lot of fun. They may get in some quail hunting and dove hunting as well. It is going to be brutally cold so I hope the camp house they are going to be staying in has a good heater in it. This brings back a lot of bitter sweet memories for Dudley as he spent a lot of great times on his Uncles Ranch out in Palo Pinto County hunting, fishing, four wheeling and camping out down in the Brazos River Bottom. Those were the good old days for sure.

Hope you are feeling better today, Dudley.
Dudley, I hope you are feeling ok. I just got over a bug and I know how miserable it is.
Dudley, do a post so we know you are ok out there. It's not like you to be off line for so long.
Dudley..still not feeling well?

I'm with Hermit..getting a bit concerned.
Thanks for the concern, I am still here, just not feeling well and it is so damn cold, have not felt like sitting at the computer. Have been parked in my recliner under a blanket watching the football games on t.v. Will do a post tomorrow.

Well, at least you ain't dead!
Not near dead Hermit, at least not yet anyway.

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