Sunday, January 3, 2010


Dudley Has Lost Count Of The Number Of Football Games ...

he has watched the last three days. Just got through watching the Cowboys beat the Eagles and tomorrow am looking forward to watching TCU win the Fiesta Bowl. Will be watching the Mavericks try to beat the Lakers again later this evening. Not much else of note going on here at the Dudley domicile. Things have been pretty quiet which is the way Dudley likes it.

Me too! My sittin' chair has a permanent depression in it from watching so many games starting December 19.

I'll (almost) be glad when Jan 9 rolls around and there's a week until the next game instead of just 24 hours.
Oh, yeah, almost forgot: GO FROGS!
I've never been into sports, so I didn't catch any ball games. Just been doing a little reading and generally staying inside trying not to freeze. I've been trying to figure out how to get over to a Cabellas but the closest one is more than three hours drive one way, so I may not make it.
The Frogs are going to win tonight Joated, I can feel it. Too bad they are not in the National Championship game, I think they can beat any team out there right now.

That is a long drive Hermit, I don't blame you for staying home. We are fixing to get some brutally cold weather towards the end of the week. I am not going to get out any more than I have to.

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