Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Dudley Bought Two Dozen Heddon Collectible Punkinseed Christmas Ornaments ...

and they came yesterday. Dudley is glad he bought them when he did at $12.99 per set. Wish I had bought more as they are selling on EBay for around $30.00 per set. We are going to have one more day of cold weather here at the Dudley domicile and then it is going to be brutally cold with the next cold front that is on the way. It is supposed to get down into the teens. Dudley does not like cold weather any more. It was invigorating back in my youth but now that my muscles have deteriorated a good deal my bones don't have near as much insulation as they once did. We live in an older house that has old single pane windows and they let in a lot of cold air. At least we have a good central heating system, just hope we will be able to pay the gas bill next month as I anticipate it is going to go way up. Was disappointed last night to see the Frogs lose the Fiesta Bowl. The team we had been watching all season failed to show up. Will watch the Mavericks tonight, hope they can rebound from the ass kicking the Lakers put on them the other evening.

I never heard of those but they look kind of cool.

Yeah. That cold front you are talking about is supposed to bring us three days of snow and single digit weather here in the Smokeys. I can't for the life of me figure this weather out, but I could do without it.
Hermit I don't know about you but I am ready for some Global Warming.

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