Saturday, December 26, 2009


We Had A White Christmas Here At The Dudley Domicile ...

and it was worth the wait! Dudley has been waiting 50 years for a White Christmas and the wait is over. The weatherman said the last time for this area was in 1926. Dudley's father would have been exactly three weeks old and Dudley's mother was not even born yet. It was great looking out the window and watching it snow Christmas Eve. The bad thing is Dudley was unable to leave the house on Christmas day and had to miss going over to his mothers for breakfast and presents. Dudley could not risk falling on the ice and snow. Dudley has enough trouble walking without the snow and ice. Foxy our American Eskimo dog loved the snow and cold weather. Dudley is home alone this weekend, after eating breakfast at Dudley's mothers house, the wife and kids took off for East Texas to spend the weekend with the in laws. Frank is going to get in one last deer hunt. He and his grandpa went this morning and saw a big old doe. It was cold and they fired up a propane heater in the deer stand. Frank said it made the lower twenty degree morning a lot more tolerable. Dudley is going to watch the Dallas Mavericks today and tomorrow night will watch the Cowboys. Dudley finally got the White Christmas he has been waiting for so long. Maybe the Texas Rangers will finally make it to the World Series next year. If Tom Hicks would sell the team to Nolan Ryan, it just might happen. If Tom Hicks stays in control, there is probably a better chance that hell will freeze over.

Is it safe for you to be there by yourself? Hell, I don't like living up here by myself during the week.
Ya I just try to always have a cell phone with me in case I were to fall and need help to get back up. With the snow and ice on the ground I did not dare try to leave the house. I am starting to get cabin fever and may try to venture out tomorrow.

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