Monday, December 7, 2009


This Is The Taxidermy Shop And Deer Processor ...

Dudley has been going to for the last quarter of a century. Damn Dudley is getting old isn't he? I remember the first time I went there to get a bobcat mounted and at that time they were doing their taxidermy work out of a portable shop building at one of the taxidermists homes. Soon after that they bought the property on the highway and built the big taxidermy shop. Years later they added the Jerky business. They produce top quality work out of their shop. They placed high in the taxidermy competitions in the early years and have done a lot of work for some of Texas wealthiest hunters. They also do taxidermy work for poor boys like Dudley. They have mounted a bobcat, turkey, two wood ducks, a hybrid striped bass and a boar hog and a bunch of whitetail deer shoulder mounts for Dudley over the years. Dudley will probably not be getting any more taxidermy work done unless he ever makes it on his dream hunt to South Texas for a Muy Grande Whitetail buck. If that ever happens, Dudley may just get one more deer mounted.

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