Saturday, December 19, 2009


Texas Helicopter Hog Control Hunt ...

Daw gone! That looks like it would be fun! I've a cousin who flew medivac copters in 'Nam and then flew for inspection copters for a gas company in the south east. We could make up a team.

I do hope they go back to pick up the pork, however. Shame to let all that barbecue go to waste.
I bet that would be a blast. The farmers are fighting a losing battle against the hogs. I have an idea a lot of the smaller pigs are picked up and end up on the BBQ. Some of the bigger ones are probably left out in the field to feed the coyotes and buzzards.

Maybe that might work with illegals on the border.
Hermit they could use those unmanned drones for that kind of work.

Great video thanks for sharing.
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