Tuesday, December 1, 2009


It Is Cold And Has Rained Most Of The Day ...

here at the Dudley domicile. This is the kind of day Dudley likes to stay inside but there were too many errands that needed to be run today. Dudley got out this afternoon in the cold and the rain and went to the bank and then went by the Lotto store. Then went and got the oil changed in Dudley's pick up and then to the gas station for a fill up. Then it was over to the Barber Shop for a hair cut and a moustache and beard trim. By the time Dudley made it home he was pretty well tired out. There is not one football game or basketball game on TV that Dudley wants to watch tonight. Guess I will spend some time on the computer then turn in and go to be early for a change.

We are having a massive storm here and my power was in and out all night. I finally just went on to bed.
When the power goes out at night, you may as well go on and go to sleep. Woke up this morning and was surprised to see it was snowing pretty heavily. It melted as soon as it hit the ground but it was fun to watch it while it lasted.

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