Sunday, December 20, 2009


Dudley's Daughter Woke Up Sick This Morning ...

with a stomach virus. She has been throwing up and feels terrible. She is drinking a little Sprite and eating a few crackers is all. Probably one of those 24 hour bugs. I hope she is feeling a lot better by tomorrow. She is out of school for Christmas break, what a way to spend her vacation. She had planned a trip to Dallas today with her mother to go shopping and to try out a new restaurant. That will have to wait until she is better. Dudley has been watching football all day. Frank is out in the yard blowing all of the leaves into piles so he can bag them and put them out on the curb for pick up. Dudley was pleasantly surprised last night to see the Cowboys defeat the Saints. Maybe there is still hope for this season, time will tell. Frank went to a concert Friday night and bought a cheap standing room only ticket. While he was waiting for the concert to begin he noticed the Texas Rangers first baseman Chris Davis standing nearby. Frank said his name and he turned and looked and Frank introduced himself and they talked for twenty or thirty minutes. Frank said he was a real nice guy. Hopefully the Rangers will have a good season next year and make the playoffs.

I hope the young lady is feeling better today.
She is much better, thanks Joated.

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