Saturday, December 5, 2009


Dudley Was Born Ready ...

Dudley and Frank got up early this morning and took off in Dudley's truck for East Texas. Frank drove and Dudley just went along for the ride. It was an interesting trip for Dudley as we drove through some of Dudley's old stomping grounds that Dudley has not seen in many years. We went through some towns where Dudley used to go when he was working right after college. The most amazing thing was going by and seeing the old house out in the country that we were living in when Frank was born in 1989. We moved out of the home in 1991, and Dudley can not remember for sure the last time he saw the place but it must have been around 15 years ago. Dudley will post some photos of the house tomorrow as it looks now. It is amazing how things have changed over the years. We saw three road kill wild hogs on the road today and several hawks this morning sitting in trees beside the road. We did not see any deer but we were looking and did see a few deer stands. The Trinity River was close to flood stage from all of the rain we have had. We went to the Taxidermy/Deer Processing place Dudley started going to around a quarter of a century ago. We picked up the deer meat from Frank's and Jeff's does and brought it home. Frank is going to grill bacon wrapped backstrap out on the grill tonight. Jeff is going to come over and help Frank cook and eat dinner with us and take his deer meat home. We are really looking forward to eating some venison for dinner.

Sounds like a good time.
It was a fun roadtrip and the grilled venison was fantastic!

Glad to hear you got to enjoy some venison. And a nice ride with your boy, too.
Thanks Joated, it was a great day for sure.

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