Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dudley Is Getting Ready To Go Down To The Texas Hill Country ...

on his yearly deer hunting trip. These trips are getting harder on Dudley each year but they are so much fun. Dudley is going to keep hunting as long as he possibly can. Dudley made a heck of a deal on a hunt to take two mature management whitetail bucks and two exotic does. Dudley had planned to take his son and daughter on this hunt. Dudley's daughter has been on a hunt or two with her older brother. She expressed an interest in deer hunting at a young age and Dudley had told her when she was a little older he would take her on a deer hunting trip. Dudley made a mistake and waited too long. Lizzie is 17 years of age and when Dudley told her about the hunt, she seemed excited at first and then a few days later she said she had thought about it and she did not want to kill a deer. Dudley respects her decision but is a little sad and wonders if he should have taken her hunting sooner. She has always loved animals of any kind from a very young age and is very caring and nurturing in her interactions with them. I guess one of the reasons Dudley did not take her at a younger age is the fear that she would have shot a deer and then had second thoughts and asked Dudley to call a vet. Dudley told her it is OK if she chooses to be a non hunter, just don't be an anti hunter. Dudley is going to take Frank and Jeff on the trip and let them do all of the shooting. Dudley is going to go along for the ride. It should be a great trip and Dudley will be sure to take some photos and will post them on Dudley's Diary.

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