Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Dudley Did Not Get That Model 70 Winchester For Christmas ...

that he has been wanting but he did get 1000 rounds of Winchester Wildcat .22 High Velocity ammo. Dudley has been stockpiling ammo for a rainy day. The bullets came in two cool replica wooden ammo crates. They look like old Winchester shipping crates. Dudley is not sure what he is going to do with them, but will probably put them up on a shelf so they can be admired. Dudley had several hundred rounds of .22 ammo stockpiled out in the garage and found out a while ago that Frank had found them and snuck off back when he was in high school and shot up all of them. Dudley is now keeping all of his ammo stored inside so he can keep his eye on it and make sure none of it walks off on its own. Frank is pretty bad about raiding Dudley's tackle box as well. Dudley has some old mint condition collectible lures that are no longer made and he knows they are off limits. When Dudley was a kid, he used to raid his fathers tackle box as well and must be getting paid back for his transgressions. The weather has been bad all day, it started raining early and then turned to snow and then more rain. Dudley stayed inside all day today and will probably do the same tomorrow. Not too much going on around the Dudley domicile.

Where did you come by those, Dudley. That sounds like something I need to get me some of.
I got these from Cabelas Hermit.

I will have to check the Internet. Cabelas used to send me a catalog but I guess I didn't buy enough so they quit. Their stuff is pretty high.
Cabelas is kind of expensive. I sent Frank back after Christmas to buy a second brick of this ammo in the wooden box and they had alleady marked the price down a few dollars from what they were before Christmas.

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