Sunday, November 15, 2009


This Is The View Frank Had Yesterday Evening ...

to watch the TCU Horned Frogs beat the Utah Utes. Frank was going to watch the game from the parking lot with friends at a tailgate party via a satellite dish on a big screen t.v. About an hour before the game he got a call from his boss who has season tickets and got invited to sit with him and his daughter and her friend at the game. The seats are on the 50 yard line and Frank had a great time. Dudley called and added a sports package to the cable t.v. so we could watch the game at home. TCU has a great team this year and should finish the season undefeated. Dudley's mother and father are both graduates of TCU. Dudley grew up near the campus from the fifth grade on and used to go to all of the home games when he was a kid. End Zone tickets in those days were pretty easy to come by. Dudley bought two tickets on Stub Hub the other day for the game against New Mexico. Dudley got two tickets on the 40 yard line 19 rows up from the field on the visitors side. I don't think New Mexico has won a game all season so the Frogs should annihilate them. Barring a surprise next Saturday up in Laramie Wyoming, TCU should finish the season undefeated with a 12 and 0 record. Then it will be on to a bowl game and who knows, maybe a National Championship!

Have a good time.
Thanks Hermit.

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