Friday, November 27, 2009


It's The Day After Thanksgiving, Known As Black Friday ...

which the retailers and half of the population, mostly the female half seem to get really excited over each year. It seems to Dudley to be getting more ridiculous each year. Last year you had store employees getting trampled to death by eager mobs clamoring to get in the store so they could fight over the best deals. This year there were stores announcing they were going to open up at three or four in the morning and some even opening up at midnight so they could get a jump on the competition. Dudley's wife is going to be fighting the crowds at the mall today. Better her than Dudley who does need to get out later and make an important purchase. Dudley is going to go buy a couple of Lottery tickets but he is not going to go any where near the mall. Dudley is not Toadily Insane, at least not yet anyway.

Amen, brother!

Black Friday shopping is more war than joy, as far as I'm concerned. If it can be avoided, I'm all for sitting in front of the TV watching a game or two.
I am with you Joated on sitting in front of the TV watching football games. I do my shopping online or I don't bother with it at all.

Dudley, you ever win any money with those tickets? We have them in Georgia but I never knew anyone who made anything off them.
No I am in the red but I think it is worth the few bucks I spend each week just thinking about what I would do if I won. I write it off to entertainment expense.

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