Tuesday, November 17, 2009


If You Enjoy Watching Wildlife You Need To Check Out ...

the ESPN Wildlife Cam by clicking here. Be sure to make a bookmark so you can check it often as this is the best free wildlife cam out there. It streams live video in real time day and night. In the day time you see a color image and at night you see a black and white infrared image. Dudley has seen bunches of turkeys, tons of deer and a black bear. The exact location of the camera is being kept secret. The camera is located on a small piece of property in southern Arkansas, I do know that much. It is a low fence property located some distance from a river. You can check it out at the posted feeding time but now that the rifle season is open in Arkansas, you will probably see more deer after sunset. It is really fun to watch the deer interact with one another after dark. Dudley has seen some monster bucks as the photos above will show. Last night Dudley saw two large bucks with their nose to the ground in the background trailing a hot doe that had passed by earlier. Frank talked to his grandfather last night and found out he went down to the farm yesterday morning about 10:00 AM, he was walking by Franks stand en route to fill up one of their corn feeders and he saw a buck crossing back and fourth across the power line right of way three different times no doubt trailing a hot doe. It is all Frank can do to wait until his last college class Thursday night so he can head to East Texas and get in his stand Friday morning. Frank saw a photo posted on the Texas Hunting Forum of a huge 8 point killed last weekend in the county where he is hunting and that buck was running a doe hard when he was taken.

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