Monday, November 23, 2009


Frank Made It Back From His Hunting Trip ...

to East Texas. He did not see any more deer Saturday night or Sunday morning. Saturday night he did see a bobcat but he gave it a free pass as he shot one years ago and had a nice rug made for his room with the hide. Dudley told Frank that bobcats were beautiful animals that you do not see very often so after taking one you should pass on any others you see. Dudley does not think bobcats are much of a threat to the deer population. Coyotes are a different story, Dudley believes they should be shot on site at every opportunity. Frank said Sunday morning the fog was so heavy there could have been a bunch of deer crossing the right of way but he would not have been able to see any of them. Sunday afternoon, Frank and his grandfather went and filled up Dudley's old deer feeder with corn. Frank also spread out the 120 quarts of red oak acorns on the ground in two different spots. There is a four day antlerless deer season which starts Thanksgiving day. Frank and a good friend of his that has never killed a deer are going to go hunt the four day doe season. Frank has yet to see a doe out of his stand this year so I would think the odds of a doe wandering by should be increasing each day they are out there.

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