Sunday, November 22, 2009


Frank Has Not Had Any Luck Deer Hunting ...

down at the farm. But Dudley's friend J.T. got one heck of a nice buck yesterday evening hunting in southwestern Arkansas! Dudley met J.T. back in 2007 on a disabled deer hunt hosted by a Buckmasters chapter. J.T. is disabled like Dudley and is about the same age as Frank. J.T. killed his first deer on that hunt, a nice 7 point. Last year he got a really nice 8 point. Dudley has been talking with him on a regular basis and he was singing the "Ain't Got No Deer Blues" like Frank has been. J.T. said the eight point buck came out at about 100 yards and he made a perfect one shot kill with his .308. Way to go J.T. you are one heck of a deer hunter!

Maybe Frank will get one here soon.
He is going back Thanksgiving to try and help a friend kill his first deer. When Frank and I go down to the Hill Country next month, we should have good luck. There are two deer behind every tree down there.

Wish you a very good luck thanks for sharing.
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